New Years Resolutions...urgh

Alright alright...here it goes. So I still have my hives...nice. But the CPSIA is still causing me major stress as well! Ha. Never the less...I have been to the Drs many times this week...I am on major steroids at the moment...and for the first time in awhile I woke up this morning hive free! Yay. However I have a tummy that is pretty freakin sick of medicine. Anyways. I think I am going to have to go on a major cleanse aka...eat nothing fun...until I figure out what is truly causing my issues. Goodbye my sacred Starbucks green tea frappy! I figure if that is not good enough to cause me to drop a couple lbs in the process then I am destined to have the body I have. SO...there is my weight resolution. Vowing to go to the gym everyday would probably be easier than eating plain rice for a week. Good lord. SO...I need another resolution. And I am not sure which one I am going to force it on. It may be me...it may be one of my kids...it may be all three of us...BUT..for the past 3 years these two guitars have been living in our house and NOONE knows how to play them. So I am determined for one of us to figure it out this year...otherwise it is just truly a crime for these little beauties to go untouched don't you think! And when I go on the Daisy Rock site I literally drool and want another one. What is with me and guitars? I know how to play the piano...and there is one right in our hall...but I have ALWAYS wanted to learn how to play the guitar...so there..I have written it...now I need to figure out my gameplan.

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