Fluidity is calling my name...

Update on my progress since this morning doing the Work Out DVD...well...my muscles are seizing while I type this. No joke. I am a mess. I bet I can't roll my jelly out of bed in the morning...it is that bad...I can tell already. So I am SO disgusted with myself. I cannot believe I let myself get this out of shape. What was I thinking? I am 33...I have not exercised, I mean REALLY exercised in over a year. The body doesn't bounce back like it used to you know? I remember as a kid, being very flexible and seeing "older" people (meaning anyone over 18...geesh) and they couldn't touch their toes. I didn't get it. How can you NOT touch your toes? How can your back not bend like that? Just do it! Old person. Yes, well, that OLD person is now how I feel. That is how I felt today. Clearly my little MTV pilates tapes were not enough. The Work out dvd just about KILLED me. I plan on purchasing the Tracy Anderson videos, which I had been meaning to do, when Lena told me today how great they are...I am now convinced they need to be in my arsenal. AND...the next step...this puppy...the Fludity bar. Usually I would not admit this and it is an infomercial on tv. Have you seen it? You KNOW you have and you KNOW you watched Ha. I also saw it on the Today show one day when they had consumer reports reporting on all the exercise infomercials...this fluidity thing was the only one to get a pass from them...AND it folds right away quite easily, like you don't even notice it...do you know how I know this? Because it has been under my bed for the past year and a half. Yup...I bought it off an infomercial. I have never in my life bought anything off an infomercial...but this one I did. And if I actually used it, it would probably do the job as well. The thing is, when it is set up in your family room...kids literally hang upside down off of it. Not sure why that is a big deal to me...except that I don't like to let children have fun inside my house. Think of all the things you have learnt from me today. Tee hee.

Ok...so I am off to dust this baby off and set er up, before I cannot move any longer...I think that gives me about 45 minutes.

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Amy said...

You are so funny...and saying what we are all thinking ourselves! Make sure to give a review of the fluidity bar, I have seen the infomercial myself and wondered...just like I have wondered about the malibu pilates machine (one with Susan Lucci). Thanks!!