strange week...

Are you like myself where the only time you have to read anything is when you are in carpool at school? Honestly...it is terrible. I am terrible. And so in those very few moments I find myself filling them with mindless dribble...aka Us Magazine. Ha. True though. If you are not totally disgusted with my habits by now and find that you too are like that...then I highly recommend these two books because...well...(A) they are an easy read and (B) if you can't seem to concentrate on anything these days like myself, at least you can attempt to help your appearance. Geesh...I warned you that I was pathetic. Never-the-less...both of these books are quite interesting, or at least I am learning alot.

A. The Lucky Guide To Mastering Any Style (the strange thing is that my book has a leopard jacket on the front...I am thinking they may have a few different covers for this one)

B. How to not look old (now this is a good read)

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