a picture is worth a 1000 words...

...so i was doing great up until friday. Blah. And well we had a birthday party to go to tonight...sooo. Start again tomorrow. Sorry about the lack of postings this week, my youngest has been pretty sick and so I was Doctor mommy for the past 4 days. Poor little thing, she is such a happy little kid too no bad cold can wipe the smile off her face noooo way. If it is possible to make her more huggable than usual, it is when she has a cold. Man I love my kids. Anyways...here is a shirt I did today for the birthday party and I think it turned out so cute I will have to make this version available. Most people order the # for the birthday shirt in silver or pink...but this rainbow is quite pretty and even more sparkly.

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Loraine said...

You my dear friend, are sweeter then my raspberry punch!!!

Thank you for being the official jammie clad photographer at our party ~ the pics are great!

The shirt is amazing!!! I LOVE it. Taking Gracie to be photographed in her new shirt and a petticoat.

You are the best... so glad i found you on the playground! :-)