Hey look what I am doing today!

Ok...with the CPSIA coming at me like a bullet...geesh...I need to sell "cough cough" some one of a kinda items that I made...and so...I am putting them on etsy today. Now...you are going to think "what! How are these paperlili items..." but trust me when I say I made each and every one of them with my own two little hands. They are mainly one of a kind...and they just never really fit into my paperlili site...SO...etsy was always the intention and there is nothing like a huge deadline "cough cough cough" looming to get you to do something. Like...hey...after Feb 10th...my baby blankets will be illegal to sell. Soooo dumb. Anyways. Because of this fabulous thing called the CPSIA I am listing a ZILLION items today (slowly kinda because I am just new to the selling on etsy thing...I am more of an etsy shopper) and well...I will catch on. SO. Keep checking back to my etsy shop...you never know what you are going to find there...seriously...it will be a miss mosh...but fun...and super de-dooper good prices. Sniff sniff. For instance...these denim skirts and gauchos that I made...I swear these things cost me over $50 to make..and well...here they are for $25. They are sooo cute. No two pairs are alike. Just fun and funky.


April said...

Everything looks AMAZING!
You truly are talented. I hope that when Nadia turns 2 you will have a shop still so i can buy one of each. : ) I love everything.

ps. The chandelier shirts are me favourite. Gorgeous.

Brandie said...

Okay, the mom size cupcake expert tank, genius! Love it:)