Fashion Smashion...

Well this is fun. A couple weeks ago they were having the Barrett Jackson car auction here. They do it every year in Scottsdale. It is a pretty huge deal if you are into cars. Anyways, a great store in Scottsdale, The Garage, carries my stuff. It is a pretty high end shop...very high end actually. Geesh...and Katie there carries the best stuff. Everything I drool over in Junior magazine. Miss Grant. Hello? If you don't know miss grant...google it...omg...beautiful. Anyways...my girls were supposed to be in the fashion show again and well...my hives kept me away. I couldn't do it. I was in the middle of serious issues at the time. BUT...some of my items did make it into the fashion show and here is the proof. FUN! How cute is that kid in my snowflakes rock tee? Soooo pretty.

I am meeting with Katie tomorrow morning to chat about things...see what she needs (drool over the clothes she has) and talk about a fun kids crafty day she is doing with Shawnee O'Neill...Shaqs' wife. Shawnee has a few of my items and they want me to be a part of the festivities! How great is that. I doubt Shaq will be there but it would be hilarious if he was...he is about 2 1/2 times the size of my youngest...now that would be a good picture.

Oh...and in case you were wondering about my hives...I will tell ya...and if you were not wondering...well...I will tell ya anyways:) They seem to be under control thanks to the double dose of prednisone (which I have been off of since last monday) and the zantac/zyrtec combo seems to be working its magic...THANK GOD! I feel like a normal person. I would feel more normal if I could get rid of the lovely skin issues the prednisone left in its wake...but whatever! I will take a zit over a body covered in hives any day.

One more note...that I Heart Candy shirt...that is the size 4...ha...that girl looks like she is at least 12. Makes me laugh. She looks adorable though. She is also wearing one of my tutus...yes I used to make tutus...and no...I don't make them anymore :) I leave that to the professionals. Ha.


VPZ said...

i love this! very cool!

Char said...

Great job. Your work is art and it shows. 2009 will be divine!