alrighty then...at least 300 people saw what I wrote...

UUUUHHHHG. Ok. So earlier today I wrote that I had big plans for monday...and I thought I would just slip it in here on a sat afternoon and it would go without notice. Not the case apparently concidering at least 300 hits have occured today and a few direct emails to me about "support". SO...I can't back down now can I? Ha. I added a lil widget to the bottom of my blog...yup...wayyyyyy down there at the bottom. As soon as I figure out how it works I will update it. But so far all it does it tell you what I weigh right now. Fascinating info I tell ya. I THINK it will have a nice graph with my daily progess. It looks pretty cool actually, and if you are on board with me...go click on that widget and get yourself one...nothing like seeing it right there in big ol print! I swear just the complete embarrassment of this entire experiment is enough to get me to move my bootay. I hope. Otherwise one day you may pop onto the blog and be like...what the??? Where...what??? Wasn't she??? Nope...not going to happen this time people. I am in this thing. I need something to strive for though you know? Hang on...let me find something. I will be right back.

Ok...here...this...this is adorable...and clearly not made for a chick with a booty. So...in my valiant efforts to lose the booty, I would like to be able to wear this throwback to my youth and well...not make anyone wanna toss their cookies when they see me in it! Oh that and I just wanna look like Kate Hudson...WHAT...ya gotta have a goal don't cha?

UPDATE: Ok...just so you people realize that I don't HONESTLY think I could ever reach Kate Hudson potential...or the skinny Juicy chick...please don't get the wrong impression that I think I could...TRUST ME...I am FULLY aware that this is truly a goofy thing...but I just wanted to have some fun so I posted her because seriously...that girl is quite impressive and if it doesn't at least get be through the first week...then well...not sure actually, I don't have a back up plan at this point.

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