Because I will pass along a good sale when I see one...

Now don't get me wrong...I made sure to check for our sizes first before I shared! Ha. But damnit...the size 12's in the sparkle ones were gone gone gone. Thats ok...I think that would be pushing it...like I think we are a tad closer to a size 1 than 12. Whatever...if you have never owned Morgan and Milo shoes...you are missing out. They so sooo well made and the regular prices are good...but hello Clearance sale (hmmmm...I smell a cpsia thang going on there...I hope not.) Never the less...go check them out...sooo cute for boys and girls. $18...you cannot beat that price! Now...since I like to pass on good clearance sales when I see them...I trust you will reciprocate this to myself and my other 2 readers! Ha. So if you ever see a good sale...tell me about it and I will post it. Hey...who does not like a good sale???

Side note...to the morgan and milo peeps...why do you only go up to size 12? These shoes seriously need to go to about a 3 or a 4. I would totally buy them for my oldest daughter. Thank you...I will shut up now.

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Ann said...

Oh...I'm so bummed, I just paid FULL price for some of these for Charlie on Zappos. Shucks! Thanks for the tip, I'll stock up! Love Morgan and Milo!!