3 more hours to go...

alrighty...I have almost made it through day one of this "thing" ha. Not so bad. Weighed myself...blah...did some yoga...had a nice day with my chicks since it was a holiday, ate protein-y. Took my zillions of meds...and voila. Not so tough although my mother did try to make me go to Quiznos with her and my father since that is what we would do monday nights after my kids gymnastics class. But I was good and I said in my best whiney voice "nooooooo". So there you have it. One day down 9+ more weeks to go.

I honestly have no idea how the rest of this week is going to go because my steroids for my hives are done after my measily half a pill tomorrow morning (which is a good thing that I have any pill because I can feel them trying to break through and I actually made a hair appointment tomorrow morning for the first time since october...yikes...I am lookin real good right now)...anyways...if I did not have that one last pill...I could not possibly get my hair done...the hives are THAT bad. Noone, other than my allergist and my youngest daughter would want any part of me when I am covered in those things. Seriously. Never the less...I GUARANTEE I will be covered on wednesday...I can tell. Speaking of which, if anyone out there in the blogosphere has had history with hives...cronic ones that are not caused by stress (because lets me honest here...I really am not stressed at all...I'm not...I have nothing to stress about other than well...the hives themselves)...please let me know what worked for you...even if it was your second cousin on your fathers side told you to shove mayo up your nose and do a cartwheel...if it worked, please let me know.

So hives or no hives, I am on my health kick and perhaps it will help. It could not hurt!

One more thing...I have tested all of my items for the CPSIA testing and (drum roll) everything passes, well that is a lie actually, I have not tested everything on my etsy site because well...I am not paying to test each individual item. If I thought my vintage hanky chenille blankets could POSSIBLY be lead soaked...I would not sell them. Hellloooo. SO...back to my good news. The good news is that I have since been reenergized and I have a ton of new designs in my head...some super cute boy birthday tees that I was working on BEFORE the cpsia came into my life. So they are a go and I am EXCITED! Give me a couple weeks and I promise new items.

UPDATE: My daughter just read me "if you give a pig a pancake" and well...now I am hungry... 2 1/2 hours until bedtime...HELP!


Anonymous said...

I started my new lifestyle last week and cannot seem to give up my fountain coke addiction. I have tried to talk myself out of it every single morning! But I keep telling myself 20 oz can't be so bad. lol

Im sorry you still have problems with hives. Could it be a gluten allergy?


paperlili said...

Oh April...I so know what you mean!

As for gluten...I have no idea...but you could be onto something. My main problem at the moment is that I cannot control the hives long enough (aka 3 days med free) to do any sort of testing. Ha. Go figure. BUT...perhaps my protein diet will help. We will see. I am like a little experiment. Actually not so little at the moment.

Kristi said...

Both of my girls get hives every single day unless they take Zyrtec. It's my understanding that Zyrtec is the gold standard for hive suppression.

We don't let them have any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. We also try to eat only organic.

I'd eliminate that Diet Coke. Aspartame is nasty stuff that can cause all kinds of side effects.

I hope you figure it out. I've never had hives but watching my girls scratch and scratch when they get them is miserable enough.

Anonymous said...

I conur. Aspartame is horrible. I don't let my son or daughter have that or High Fructose Corn Syrup.

I wish you all the best. : )