CPSIA madness and Etsy update!

Morning! Alrighty...so...I got back some of my testing from the lab on my stones and items that I embellish. Everything passed with flying colors. I still have more product out to another lab...but basically...I am stickin with it! So. Whatever happens with this CPSIA thingy-ma-gingy...I am not done. Closing up shop was not an option...I hope I am just on my way up! So just be assured that all items will be approved and you can't get rid of my bling just yet!

In the mean time...I have several items that I have been meaning to list on my totally empty etsy page....as in...for the past 3 months I have been meaning to load them. Nothing like a deadline to make you do stuff. These will be items that you have not seen from me before...totally different...but still super cute! And all at fabulous prices because well...I was not planning on testing them and so they need to go by Feb 10th. So...please check here shortly, as this is my plan for the next couple of days. First of course I need to take some pics...but stick with me...they will be loaded very soon! As soon as I figure this etsy thing out...as I have never listed anything on etsy before. I was just getting the hang of ebay. Ha.

If all goes well and I find some extra time (ya right) I have yards and yards of FABULOUS fabrics that perhaps I can whip into little skirts or something fun...that was my plan forever...but if I don't get off my computer and get my bootay to work...this will not be happening...but at least my kids closest will be full!

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear your news! I am also thrilled to see whatever you may list on your etsy store. I will keep my eyes peeled...