maybe it is aspartame...

So both April and Kristi just commented about aspartame. And I would be lying if I said I hadn't sorta...kinda...thought this as well. It was the only link that I do every single day. Drink diet coke. DARNIT. Aspartame really is nasty stuff. I would never let my kids drink it...so why do I? Oh ya...because I love it. Blah. So sad. I wonder if I can replace it with coke zero??? Thoughts? That is splenda isn't it? And poor Kristi, her little darlings get hives. How terrible. I cannot imagine little kiddies having this everyday. Oh and Kristi...I am on the zantac/zyrtec combo now. I will find out within the next 24 hours if it is enough by itself to help. I may have to toss in the odd benedryl.

This aspartame thing is not going to be easy, because next to diet coke...my drink is green tea crystal light. Hellloooo...aspartame! Why can water not taste better? Oh well, I will do what I gotta do. If that means no aspartame...so be it (I say this as I am itching my head)...and guzzle my last diet cherry coke.

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Anonymous said...

I know Im a hypocrite in the sense that I still drink coke every morning. Im just going to quit all together. I didn't make my stop to get one this morning. Im sure once the caffeine headache creeps in I'll be wishing I had one. Hang in there. I hope today is a better day for you.