Peeps...can't forget my peeps

If you are a previous reader of my blog you will know that I like to decorate for the holidays with peeps.
Yup.  Aren't I classy?  
You also know that I don't eat the peeps...I just find them perfect in a candy jar:)
They make myself and everyone who sees them, smile.  Try it.  I guarantee the same effect.
Think about it.  They come in festive glittery bright colors...and they are always fitting for whatever "holiday" is approaching.  The perfect candy jar filler.
I swear Peep's should send me a coupon or something with the amount of advertising I give them:)
Ok.  Other fab finds.
I was in Ulta the other day and this Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland eyeshadow set was on display.
It is beyond neat.  I love it.  
I love the eyeshadow colors and I LOVE the case.
So.  No brainer.  It is on my Valentine's list.

I am so SO excited about the new Alice movie. Who isn't right?
I need to read some comments on it before I take my 6 year old to it.
She is still a little freaked from our last movie experience...A Christmas Carol.
My 9 year is VERY excited about Alice.  
Remember our Halloween costume this year?

Now in case you were thinking I was going to sell these tees. I can't.  I am just going to assume Mr.
Cheshire cat is very protected.  BUT...I do have some Alice tee's in the works so hang on and I will have them up soon:)  Along with lots of new Spring options.  Lots.


Emom said...

Thank you....peeps love...smiles.

Brandie said...

An Alice shirt in a 2T would be divine! I'm just sayin';)

courtneycourtney said...

Ohhhh I LOVE urban decay's eyeshadows and eyeliners! They are vibrant and long lasting too.

Anonymous said...

I think you just need to keep my debit card info on file. Can't wait for the shirts.


Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

Honest to God, I've been waiting for your Peeps post. {And now every time I Peeps them I think of you}

And have you ever used Urban Decay? They are the most amazing eye shadows, and I worked in cosmetics for a long time...they're the best!

PS - have you seen OPI's Alice in Wonderland collection??

Ann said...

Sophie LOVES your candy picture! She asks to have it up on the computer at all times. We made her a photo copy which she carries with her. Tried to buy the candy for her at the store, but she said she didn't want it. For eating she wants chocolate. But the picture is ART!