Just a couple more hours...12-24 that is...

So I am pouring sweat.  I have been hunched over my heat press for the good part of 2 hours.
I have a screaming headache and to top it all off...my husband decided to install snow leopard onto our
computer in hopes of it improving the computers functioning.
I think it gave my computer a big tummy ache.
I now want to punch my husband in the tummy and give him a tummy ache.
It's ok.  I can't post anything tonight anyways as I need some daylight to take pics:)
I do not even almost have it all done yet though...but I do have a couple more limited edition pcs that 
came out really really cute!  So come back tomorrow and check them out.
I promise to post on my blog when I list them.
In the mean time...check out these pics from Heather...a very good customer.
I love how girlie she made the heartbreaker tee.


Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

too cute!

Anonymous said...

So, I came back to your blog to reply about robin and how much I love the tie dye and then I see this wonderful 'birds nest'!! o.m.g. We had our daughter who was preemie at 2lbs 10oz in a 'birds nest' and it's my favourite photo! So much that I think I need it on canvas now. Thank you for posting this.