Christmas music always helps...

Saturday I was working (go figure)...and I am not sure you have ever noticed but Saturday television really rather sucks.  It is terrible.  I was a news junkie.  For years and years...news news news.  Then I found that it is just way too depressing to get that much news every single day.  So I have turned to recording some cheesy tv at night and watching it during the day while I am working.  What I have found though...is that the news, I can drown out and work work...the cheesy shows actually require me to kinda pay attention.  This is not good.  I don't have time to pay attention.  So my latest is music.  And you know what?  I am a blinging machine when I just open the itunes and go.  LOVE IT.  Oh and the holiday music channel on our tv.  Wayyyy up there in the 800 numbers or something crazy like that...it got me through saturday and through about 20 orders.  Whooo hooo. 

I think my point was holiday music. I love it.  Last year I discovered this Christmas Remix cd on itunes and I could literally listen to it over and over again.  There are two cds of it...I picked the songs I like from both of them and you need to just trust me on this one...you will love it too. 


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Heather D. Lay said...

Daytime t.v. is as bad! I am with you on iTunes, true love! Thanks for sharing the Christmas music, my girls will love it! Have a great Thanksgiving! Heather