Someone please teach me how to take photos...

I was combing the community college catalog today.  I seriously want to learn how to take photos.  Not just wing it anymore.  AND...I need to learn how to use my photoshop program.  I can kinda mess around on it...but honestly...I have no clue what I am doing.  Criminal really.

In the mean time.  I will just keep posting pictures of my attempts.  If anyone reading this has helpful hints...please send them my way.  Seriously.  I need them.

Helllloooo Ms. Lyra.  Can you say workshop?  Please.


Courtney Price said...

Best secret ever:
Just jump right in!

kimd said...

clickinmoms.com you can learn so much from them!!!

Rachel T. said...

a) I think your pics are purty darn good! Wish I could get that "fuzzy background" thing goin' on.
b) I NEED to know what your darling girl is wear on: her body (and does it come in adult sizes???!@!!), her head (so dang cute!) and around her wrist (love that vintage purse!)