Why is it still 90 degrees out?

November is SUPPOSED to be my cheapest utility month of the year.  My electric bill in the summer is easily $450 a month.  The best month of the year in Phoenix is November.  Temps hover around 75.  It is lovely out.  No heaters no air conditioners...just ahhhh.  Open windows.  Fresh air FINALLY.  Nope.  Not this year.  We are in the second week of November and it is going to reach an all time high today for November 10th...92 or something stupid like that.  Sick really.

I do realize there are parts of the country that are rolling their eyes and had to layer their kids in 5 different layers of clothes to send them to school today. Yup.  I get it.  Remember...I grew up in Calgary.  I SOOO remember piling on the layers and waddling to school...BUT...also remember that while the rest of the country is enjoy nice summer days in August..we are literally melting here and pretty much live indoors from April-October.  November-March is OUR time to bask in the warm (not melting) sun.

What I really want, is this jacket...and I want to have to wear this jacket.  Only two issues. 

1. I don't own this jacket so I have to daydream that I do


2.  It is too flippin hot out to wear it anyways:(


Anonymous said...

Cristy, my dear friend, I feel your heated pain! I too was coveting a J Crew jacket, the Winnie, I believe it is called. But, alas there is 1, maybe 2 days out of the year that we could wear such a thing :( Stop the madness!!!

xo Robin

Lyra said...

$450? $450? Wow! Move to Tucson...apparently 5 degrees make all the difference. :)