Hello from Canada

All I can say is that it is tough to keep up on the bloggedy blog when you don't have a fabulous computer at the ready.  I really need a macbook. I finally found my camera cable so I could download some pics...of course, I have no editing programs on my mom's computer so these puppies are directly outta the camera.
And what does that tell me?  That mama (me) need a facial peel and some botox. Baaaaad.
The funny part is that I never post photos of myself...so this is my Jamie Lee Curtis moment.
No photoshop.  Scary huh.

The first day we got here...it did not rain...but we did get the most beautiful rainbow.
It was a double rainbow at first...but by the time I found my camera...we were down to one rainbow.
Check this out.  Again. No editing.  That is really how bright the rainbow was.

Kinda goes with my rainbow cupcakes huh.

Every July for 10 day is the Calgary Stampede. A big rodeo and carnival.
It has meant different things to me over the years. In my "youth" it meant rides...in my single crazy days (ya right) it meant hanging out at all the Cowboy bars around town.  Who doesn't like to pretend to be a cowgirl for 10 days?  And now...the Stampede is back to being about the kids...the rides...and the carnival food.
I took some pictures the other day when we went, they are on Peyton's camera. I will download those this afternoon...but yesterday we did the "stampede funday" at the golf course.  I will take Peyton there as long as she still thinks it is fun. She has been going now for the past 8 years and she still loves it. She WILL be too cool for it very soon...but since I told ya she is easy cheesy...she still just loves to go have fun. She does not care that she is 3 feet taller than everyone else.

Ususally we have hats and boots and cowboy shirts, however my mom and dad renovated since last summer and my "cowboy closet" is empty:( 

I am going to have to crop Peyton out of this photo.  Sorry Papes.

Gotta run.  Have to be somewhere in an hour and I am not dressed yet.
I promise to post more vaca pics this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Your cute face doesn't even need photoshop! Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

I think you look awesome! And I love hearing about your vacay...it sounds fun. I agree-who doesnt love to pretend to be a cowgirl for a few days :D

Shannon said...

You're back in Cow town!
Welcome back and sorry about the crazy weather! Ugh.

Happy Stampeding!

P.S. I agree with Angela. No photoshopping required for you!