Jada Pinkett Smith and one of the 7 dwarfs

Had to share this tonight in case you were in the mood to shop:)
I have wanted this growth chart for a long time. I think I have even posted about it before.
I think I was waiting for a super sale.
30% off is a pretty good sale:)
Now I am happy.
Hurry...if you want one...the 30% off sale ends on the 5th.

Erin Condren...love her

Yes...I will give this growth chart my stamp of approval. I have purchased other personalized growth charts before...dissapointed really.  This one...it is super cute.

And man...Jada Pinkett Smith is the size of my 10 year old (as of tomorrow:( ) 
She is a teeny tiny thing I tell ya...Jada Pinkett...not Peyton...it will be interesting to see where she tops out at.  I remember doing the growth calculator when she was like 4...it said she would be around 5'10"...we will see...that is pretty darn tall.  I am not tall.  My husband...he is tall.  But Peyton has always been the tallest kid in her class...with no signs of slowing down. I predict some major gawky stages fast approaching us;)  If it keeps the boys away...bring it on.

Ainsley...she is somewhere between a zebra and one of snow whites peeps

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Sarah C said...

where did you get that growth chart? I'm from Canada so I'm not entirely sure if I will be able to get one. I've never seen one like that.
And your daughter is beautiful! Awesome pics.