so cute! Cat in the Hat hightops!

I don't forsee either of my chicks wearing these...even with Peyton's obsession with converse rearing its ugly head daily.  I think we missed the boat on the Cat in the Hat version...BUT...they are darling.
I wanna see these on a super funky little skater dude.
Genius really.

I do think these are darling.  Love them really.

Wonder if Peyton would wear them.
I did score a great deal the other day however. It occured about 2 hours after I was complaining that when your kids grow out of "kid sized" shoes...and they are into women's sizes...that the prices double.
Just look at a pair of nikes.  Kids...$50... womens version $100.  I don't get it. Some of them are the exact same shoe...and since a kids size 4 is actually larger than a womens size 5 (yup..it's true) then it REALLY doesn't make sense.
Never the less...I scored this pair for Peyton for her birthday. 
They WERE $150...marked down to $47 on clearance with only one pair left.
Whoo hooo.  Yay me...I mean...yay Peyton.
And since I am fully aware of the cost of the rhinestones needed for these...$47 is a darn good price.

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