Thanks Mom!

So I just had a little delivery from the post lady.
Oooo...it was a nice surprise.
Didn't really help with the ol diet since I sucked back 3 vanilla bean's in 2.5 minutes.
That's what happens when the mail lady arrives BEFORE I can eat my egg white omlet.
Oh it was a sad sad sight...but sooo worth it.

Are you familiar with Macarons?
I have never had one, however I have seen them alot recently.
Martha Stewart did a piece on them a couple months ago.
You know them...they are the little cookies that come in every color under the rainbow.
Colorful cookies!  Count me in.
Apparently one of the worlds best Macaron bakeries is here in Phoenix.  Tempe actually.

My mom just sent me a box...and they are beyond adorable. 
And by beyond, I mean, they taste even better than they look. 
I think you are supposed to let them get to room temp as they came packed in dry ice and they were still nice and chilled when I opened them.  But I like my baked goods cold.
Sprinkle cupcakes...cold (gasp!  I know I know...you are given strict instructions at sprinkles to NOT refrigerate them...uh ya...I think I have stuck mine in the freezer before!)
So I am not sure what these cookies taste like at room temp...but chilled..omg...the top was almost chewy!  Chewy.  They are not crisp like they look.  Mmmm.
So good.

Highly recommended.

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Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Too flippin cute!I'm seeing them everywhere these days, but have yet to try them! Can your mom tell my mom to send me some? ;)