Someone take my bling-er away...

Once again...I cannot stop myself.
Why?  Because it is too easy.  I have the "stuff" all set up ready to go.
So what happens?  My daughter insists on a pair of Converse that I can "bling" for her.

Do you remember when I did that cream pair for myself?
I can't find the photo...but I know I blogged it way back when.
Needless to say, I get so many people asking me where I got them that I may have to do some for us mom's and of course, kids...in the fall.  Let me think about it.  They would not look like this pair.
Truthfully...I put next to no effort into this pair and it shows.  But I do like the brass "rocker" studs and I have a pile of them...so I should put them to use.  Ya?  Let me know if you think this is a good idea.

After the shoes...I decided to do my jeans. This is my favorite pair of jeans.  The problem with them is that they are "worn" and they had a big o hole right at the bottom of the front pocket.
If I had thighs like Gisele, this could look fabulous.
I don't. And I have worn them toooo many times with my pastey white thigh squeezing through.
So I cut the pocket inside to make it hang down and I added just a little sparkle.
Then of course...I went over board and did the butt.
Why.  Why would I bling my a#@?  This is not my first pair of jeans that I have added bling to the bootay...but this is the first time that it dawned on me that adding sparkle to the back end just draws more attention to that area...which is truly the last thing I want to do.
But I did it anyways.  

I kinda wanna chop up a pair of boyfriend khakis and add some brass to it.
I would however, probably add two rows of metal studds...but that's just me.  I'm tacky like that.
Nothing is safe in my house.


emily gorrell said...

love the shoes idea!

Lisa Lee said...

I agree...digging the shoes!

Anonymous said...

Yes, plse do the shoes for kids. : )