Ask and you shall receive...

Voila...these are about the prettiest things I have seen all day.
Jennifer just sent this link over from One Ordinary Day (clearly a blog I need to be following...hello)

These will need to be made in my home this weekend.
They are glorious.
And here I thought I was over cupcakes...clearly I am not...I have mentioned them in two blog posts in one day.

This picture makes me so so SO hungry.
My house is beyond pathetic.  I feel like I live at the grocery store and yet, I swear to god, I was just snacking on salad topping.  No joke.  That is the yummiest thing I can find in my pantry right now.

Today was so beyond boring...I am ready to go to bed.
Days like this I do get alot done however...and by "days like this" I mean...days that I cannot muster up enough oomph to leave the house.  So work work work.

And of course...snap a couple of pictures.

My preteener...aka tweener...she will be 10 on Sat.
My heart is breaking already.
Those pants...I need them in my size.  They are Butter Super Soft...and my kids have alot of them...in both pants and hoodies.  There is nothing softer.  If ya need a pair of them...Hipster Kid is my go to Butter shop.  Elizabeth is the Hipster mama owner.  She is fabulous. 

Oh...then we have the daily pool shot...since that is basically all we can do here in the summer.  Swim.
Our hair is thisclose to turning10 shades of green.

This one cracks me up...they were doing the "High School Musical" pose.
Notice the lovely landscaping behind the pool.  Oh ya...talk about baaaaad. 
It won't be for long...there is just no point in planting anything now as it is 110 degrees out and nothing stands a chance of living if you plant it now.  So I get to look at that lovely mess for 5 more months.

 Just concider this a before picture.  You just wait.  One year from now we will not notice that house back there...or the hideous fence...wish I knew what I had in store for that god awful dirt planter.


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oneordinaryday said...

Thanks so much for the link back to my blog. I hope you DO become a regular reader! : )