I can't stop myself

So the kids are watching the Alice movie on dvd.
Why does it not interest me anymore? I was so excited about it.
It looked so pretty to me when it was coming out. But I just walked by
the family room and the colors...too dark. I am not a dark gloomy peep...so I have
no interest in it anymore.  The kids did like it...however I think if they saw in the the theater...
it would have scared the beep outta them.  So this was probably one of my better parenting decisions lol.

So our pool is finally clean and ready to swim.  Trying to fill it up the other night, we could not keep the dogs (or kids) outta it.  Now it is full of dog hair.  I promptly made a groomers appointment as soon as I saw that.  My dogs are swimmers...and I don't feel like scooping dog hair out every 5 minutes.

The other day Abercrombie was having a 20 or 25% off your order sale...I took advantage of it and got some tee's for Peyton.  Hello...super soft tee's for $11...sounds good to me.
Of course...I could not stop myself from adding a little bling bling to some of them.

That's a cute tee.  Abercrombie does make some super cute tees...and then they tick me off 
with tee's that say "I recycle boys" or "meet me in the woods"...or...gah...just stopit Abercrombie...stopit!!!  Stick to the great sweaters and soft "safe" tees and stopit.

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Anonymous said...

I hate that Abercrombie does that!!
I have to go in with my son to make sure he doesn't pick out a tee that says something crass like what you mentioned. ANd he's 14! lol

You can fill your pool with the water hose??? We have someone come out and fill it. I sound dumb don't I??

Your girls are beautiful.