Tanks everyone:)

Alrighty ladies.
I have a pile of tanks here that need to go to make room for Fall goodies (yup...already). 
So.  Think birthday presents...think next year...think three years from now...it is not like numbers go outta style ya know! Stock up!

Grey and Blue  tanks & Mint Skirts

and you can pick from the following (no names though)
  • happy face
  • rainbow heart
  • rainbow daisy
  • tennis racquet
  • soccer ball
  • basketball
  • baseball
  • earth
  • peace sign
  • tiara
  • cupcake
  • shamrock
  • peace, love, wink
  • any number 1-12 (I will pick # color)
Once these sizes and colors are gone...they are gone.
You can see all the designs on the site.
This is just for the design.  No names please.
And ONLY the grey or blue tanks...not black or white tanks.
And the skirts.

If you are interested...email me at