Canvas on Deman

So I just got this link from Canvas on demand to embed.  
Just trying it out really.
Man I love that photo (lyra lyra) and I love that chick.
My photo on Canvas from CanvasOnDemand.com


Pamela said...

Where did the adorable beret come from? My 4 year old daughter saw it and wants one! Please let us know. :)

paperlili said...

Hi Pamela,

The beret we got at Nordstrom last fall. However Forever 21 had them in a million colors as well.

Hope that helped:)


jordon said...

Hi! I wasn't sure what the best way to contact you but wanted to ask if I placed an order for two tank dresses (my Dad rocks) if they could be here in time for Father's Day? Also, do you have any Father's Day stuff for boys (like 12 or 18 mo). Thanks!

paperlili said...

Hi Jordon!

Please email me at customerservice@paperlili.com and let me know exactly what you are looking for and I can tell you how quickly I can get them to you:)