Kinda in a funk...

Do ya ever get in a funk?
What constitutes a funk?
I don't truly know...all I know is that I am gruuuuumpy.
So.  I am gonna post things that make me smile.
First...Ainsley's bowl of soup today.
I tell you...it does not matter where we are...the girl will find a heart.
It is her "shape" of choice.  She LOVES love. And she loves hearts.
We can be watering pants and there will be a drop of water that then spreads
on cement and voila....a heart.  Or her dollup of toothpaste on her toothbrush will be a heart.
It is all hearts all the time...and every single time she points it out to me...sure enough...she is correct.
Today.  It was her soup.

See what I mean?  It is never an "ooooh...ok...I can kinda see it"...nope...it is most definitely a heart.
I love her:)  She makes me smile.

What else makes me smile.
These shoes from Frye!
Why?  Because they totally remind me a pair I had when I was a kid...AND...well...hello color!

And then there are these.
I need these...because I love quirky things.
It is a candy dish that looks like a ziplock baggie.
And the glass milk creamer...why? Why not.


Courtney V said...

I most definitely get in "funks". Maybe you in a funk b/c you know that in a bout a month we are turning the big 35? Not sure about you, but being any closer to 40 is not my cup of tea...not excited about it one bit!;)

kimD said...

I so love how you can always take lemons and make lemonade. It give me a smile on my funky days!!! I will forever be looking for hearts and thinking of Ainsley:)