Summer lovin' had be a blast...

Ok...so...basically...I am sick of eating well.
Totally over it.  Help me.  It is 4000 degrees out and seriously...I just want to hook myself up to a 
Jamba Juice dreamsicle I.V.  
Not kidding.

I have used some "downtime" aka "make sure the kids don't drown time" at the pool to whip through my pile of magazines that I have been collecting over the past month.  I can go through 5 magazines in 30 minutes.  Clearly these are not Time magazine or National Enquire that I am reading lol.
Anyways...I am also the queen of ripping out pages to check out online after.
Here is some fun things I found today that I liked.

Ooo...I could just picture this on some tanned legged chick walking on the beach...
so so SO wish that was me.  No beaches for me...and I hate my legs.
But I do love this.

Now I saw a couple cute scarves...however when I went to find them online...of course they are not available any longer.  BUT...I like these ones more.

Now I have to say...I do not own a piece of Stella and Dot Jewelry...but I do enjoy looking at it.
 And I see they have little girls baubles now too!
Pretty stinkin' adorable...I must say
 I believe that Heather is now a Stella and Dot rep...so if you wanted anything from them...I am most certain you could email her if you wanted to order anything.

JCrew is also cranking out the amazing designs.  Geesh.  I swear if I won a $5000 gift certificate to Jcrew...it could spend it.  Sad but true.

Ok...that's all I have for tonight.  
I promise to return tomorrow with more fun finds:) 



Gina said...

Ahhhh that song is awesome!! it made me smile the second it came on! great pic!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Thanks, Cristy!!

PS - both of the necklaces are on sale right now! www.stelladot.com/heathergiustino

Anonymous said...

Yes! I love that Sweatshirt too! So, xxl, is that our size in kids?

Betsy : )