Fun for the 4th

I love the 4th of July. I love how American it is.  That probably came our wrong.
I just love the feeling of celebrating America.  And yes...I am Canadian.
I am also in Arizona...so I should probably make it a habit to carry my greencard around with me now huh.  Anywho.  I am usually packing on the 4th of July...and my husband has always had to work that day since every golf course he has been at in the past 10 years has a big shindig of their own.
Is it wrong that I am happy this year, do to the recession, the golf course cannot afford the fireworks...so he doesn't have to stay there until who knows when?  Because I am happy.
Anyways.  My daughters birthday is on the 3rd (sniff sniff...lots more whining from me to come throughout the week on that one) and so we will be here on the 4th.  A small amount of family is coming into town...and I am wondering what fun things there are to make to celebrate the 4th.
Let me know if you have any good ideas.

Here are a couple that I have found.

Of course...no holiday would be complete without Martha Stewart

This drink from Family Fun looks like something my kids would like.
Made with cranberry juice, wild berry gatorade and diet 7up (apparently you need the diet drink because the more sugar the drink has...the denser it is...thus the layers)

These would be my first stop...however I think I am totally cheating this year
for Peyton's birthday...and cupcakes it is.  Shhh...don't tell her I was not up until midnight (as usual) baking some rainbow layered funkified cake this year. Does that make me a bad mom?

Of course...you need to bbq something...but that part is easy.
However...I think it would be nice to share your favorite 4th of July recipes (as in...I need help coming up with something good)...so...if ya want to be nice. Email me your favorite recipe...secret salad...perfect parfait...tantilizing (lol) trifle...and I will post it.  If you have a photo...send it as well.
It doesn't have to be something you made up...it can be something you saw online
 and it was fabulous.  
email it to me at customerservice@paperlili.com
you can always send a craft as well...or anything that you think others would enjoy to help celebrate the holiday.

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