Photo Tuesday:)

I love pictures.
Who doesn't right?  

I get so many good ones sent to me and I love them all.  So I think I will start to post them once a week.
Then you can love them with me:)  So if you want to see yours up here...just email me a photo of your 
adorable offspring and I will post it on here.

And if you are a mom...PLEASE send me a photo of you in one of your paperlili tees.
I hardly ever get the ladies pics (I know...I am one to talk).

 I did get this one from Rhonda...and I LOVE it:)
Look at Isabella and her teachers...in fact there are about 6 teachers at the school who are now sportin' bling...love that:)

Next I have this beauty from Christina
I always loved the name Elle...it is very fitting for a princess.

And then there was Kate.  This little guy is beyond darling.
So is her daughter...and so is she.   
If you live in Chicago and you are looking for a photographer...your search is over. 

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Happy Mami said...

Those are three of my favorite people in that picture! Isabella was sad to see the year end. Fabulous teachers are a huge blessing. And the principal is rockin' Paperlili too. Michigan loves bling!