Hmmm...the Bachelorette...I still don't get it.

So one of the problems with my new "set up" is my tv...or lack of pvr actually.
I my office...I am stuck with a regular tv...no HD PVR that has all my favorites recorded on it.
This needs to change...but for now...all I have is regular scheduled programs.
Last night...there was nothing on...and I was working...and I needed to listen to something. 
The only thing on was the Bachelorette.  Now I know there are peeps that follow this show religiously.
Including my sister and her friends.  Me.  For some reason I have never gotten into it.
It is not like I am "above" it...trust me when I say I watch my own handful of crapola on tv.
But I just never got the Bachelor/Bachelorette thang.
Someone please explain the draw to me.
The dude last night...Jesse I think.  Poor dude looked so uncomfortable in a suit.  Good lord.
That show.  I don't think I can do it again.  PLUS...I just read
Reality Steve and basically...I now know exactly what happens up until the "final rose" so if you want to ruin the entire season of it for youself as well...read Reality Steve.  So funny.

I did see that Wipeout starts tonight.  Oooo that show never gets old.
The big balls.  Laugh out loud funny.

Ok next.  Remember these pictures I took a handful of months ago?

Well the super yummy "popsicle" was indeed not a popsicle at all...it was soap.
Super fruity...fabulous smelling soap.
The genius behind these soap-sicles is Debbie Chialas a fabulous lady in San Diego.
She is the brains behind Soapylove.
And I LOVE Soapylove.

I was a customer before...then I made Debbie a tee for a Soap Conference and as a Thank you...Debbie sent me her fabulous soap filled Pop Jar.
Oh I love it. I love all the colors...but the smells...fills a room.
My kids stole it thinking they could put it in their bathroom ...uh...sorry kids...it's mine:)
SO it is sitting in my office..yes...it is...whatever...and it makes me smile to look at and it smells lovely in here.  Debbie...you rock.
And because Debbie rocks...I am sharing a small part of my great gift with you. So.  If you would like
2 of Debbies Soaps...please put a comment for this post about what item you think I need to carry in my shop...dog clothes...leggings for mom's etc.  Your best idea...'cause I am outta them at the moment.
And one random winner will receive these little beauties in the mail.

They are all so pretty...check them out here
Or on Debbie's Etsy Shop.



TheLemonDropGirl said...

I think you need a maternity line!!! I hope to be preggo again later this summer and would so buy one!

Sailor Mouth Soaps said...

Ooh how about kids pirate shirts with treasure chests and gold coins.

Or girls shirts with polka dot tea pots and cups?

And anything with owls, elephants, babuskas and sharks.

Ooooh how about library bags with cute prints? Make reading cool :D

emily gorrell said...

accessories, maybe some blinged out school supplies, book bags, they would be so cute!

M said...

How about cars, trucks, super heros, dinosaurs..
School / dance bag would be great!

nintenspy said...

Capes. Seriously my little Adsy wears a dang pink cape every day at some point throughout her day.

Girl capes! Not just boy capes.

Paperwhite Designs said...

Gurl....I am addicted to the Bachelorette!!!! I am on Team Roberto. Love Reality Steve as well. He is right on the money every time!!!!

I am thinking dance stuff bling. Booty Shorts and tops. They like to be hoochies:)

Maybe some sort of necklace and bracelet. I have to think on that. Those bottle top necklaces are such a hit it is time to come up with a new fad:)

I was wishing I had some sort of blinged out hair bow the other day at dance auditions. Gotta make a girl stand out!!!!

I am putting my thinking cap on...purely for selfsih reason:)

Betty said...

Doggie clothes. My 19 year old dog could use a new outfit!

Betty said...

Doggie clothes. My 19 year old dog, Lucy, would love a new outfit.

Fruit Punch Tulip said...

OK - Tend to agree with the Bag Theme others have already posted. We affectionately call my little chick the "bag lady" because she hauls all of her loot around everywhere in some sort of bag. So maybe a cute little purse for her - Big girl purse for mom. Beach bag - Big sparkle sun / waves / flip flops. You could keep changing it up - Back to school bag in the fall & Halloween Trick or Treat Bag, etc.

Love the Bachelorette. It is definitely an aquired taste. Once you start it's hard to stop. Just love the mindless drama.

Anonymous said...

burp cloths or small tutus for babies all blinged out.



Anonymous said...

tutu's, blinged out sweat pants, and my favourite tee 'candy ice cream clothes cupcakes' and some bling converse and beach bags/totes.


ps. I am lovin the cape idea!

pss. never watched the bachelor or bachelorette. Im more of a 'housewives' watcher.

ROBYN said...

um, for the record, i don't watch "religiously"...

Monika said...

Wow, those soaps look like perfect picture props... so much better than dripping popsicle all over a pretty outfit, lol.

Oh, and I would love it if you made more of those donut police patch tanks. Sadly my girls aren't into bling (I know... isn't it horrible???).

carriebebs said...

How about bubble dresses? I also LOVE the idea of mom leggings! Beach bags? I'm a teacher and would definately love a tote with some "bling"!!

Jennifer K said...

I would love to see the donut patch tanks come back!!!

JC said...

I would love to see more boy stuff or hair bows and barrettes with bling! I also love the idea about the maternity line!