oooo...my body hurts

Yesterday was yard work day.  We have so so much to do.
Steve took the back yard.  I took the front courtyard. Our actual front yard is a disaster as well but judging by the costs associated with just doing my courtyard...this is going to be a long process.
The good part is that I am in no rush.

My permanent helper. Do you have one of these?  I think it is the second child syndrome.
She likes to help...with everything...and she does not tire of whatever project you are doing.  She is there from beginning to end.  Now my oldest doesn't even almost pretend to want to help.
Nope.  Didn't see her for hours.  
She is very good at keeping herself occupied while a project is underway.

She helped me dig all the holes...in the cement like desert floor.  Then she helped me plant all the plants.  Rake the rocks...water the plants...fill the fountain...and clean up. 

Of course...some of our plants are not real.  But they did need a new coat of paint and guess who helped me repaint them.

So the courtyard is done. I just need a fun table and chair set for out there.
The backyard...oh my.  Lots of work needed there.
My one stipulation was that I needed my "orchard" again.
In our last house we planted some fruit trees. Orange, grapefruit and lemon.
It took 4 years before they started to look good and give us good fruit...but I will wait.
There is nothing more exciting than picking a huge fruit off your own tree.
So we have our orchard again...it looks pathetic right now...but in a year it will look good.
Fuji apples, raspberries, nectarines, red grapes, green grapes and almonds.  FUN!
They all have to be dwarf trees though...hoa doesn't want to see those things popping up over the fence. Apparently an apple tree is unsightly. Lol.  

On a different note.  I have had several people ask me about my photo canvases.
I have purchased all mine online.  But if you do a google search you will see that mostly everyone does them now.  I think even walmart may do them.
My past orders have been through Erin Condren
I love hers the best as you can do her fun designs on the sides.
And check her out...I went on her site one day to order more and anything look familiar on there?
I had no idea we were an example.

Funny.  Anyways, I ordered another one from Erin for my mother in law since she loved it so...and I really do think the edge makes it fun.  However, the last two that I ordered for my girls rooms...I went with canvas on demand.
Leslie had told me she has ordered from them and liked the quality...plus they are good at sending out coupons.  I like coupons.  So I ordered the two biggies from them and they were super fast and pleasant to work with.  I am sure professional photographers all have their go to places for canvases...and if you have a good canvas place you use...please put it in the comments.

Ok...off to get lots of work done before we head to the **gasp** pool.
Since ours looks like this at the moment

until we drain it and clean it (which is happening this week) I am not setting foot...or child in it.
My dogs swam yesterday and they show no signs of skin disease yet...it is still touch and go though:)
So I am forced to take my bored children here...

Tough life...I know.  This is our neighborhood pool.  Nice huh.  
All I can say is thank god the girls are old enough to not need me to go in with them and I can just plunk my big outta shape white bootay on the side of the pool while they do all the work.

Happy Sunday to you!


Anonymous said...

I love logging in to see that you have written a new post :) You are always so funny and I love to see how your new house is coming along. We are moving to Alaska in a few weeks and I am going to take so many pictures along the way. I hope that I can turn at least one into my first canvas print and am so thankful you posted where yours came from!
Hope you had fun at the pool...that place looks amazing, my kids would be sooo jealous!

Paperwhite Designs said...

Ummmm...I am moving!!!! That pool is amazing!!!! I love the little helper. I have one of those as well. She loves to clean...works for me:)...Free labor!!!