Something a little different today

I have had these patches since last year.  I just thought they would be cute to put on a tank and add a little bling.  My kids have a version of pretty much each tank and I am surprised that the lady at Ihop let us leave the restaurant with the tank...she loved it that much. Not sure what she could do with it as it was a kids size 6 tank...but you could see the wheels turning in her head.
I just realized in the photos you cannot read what the pancake patch says...it says ICOP....get it...instead of IHOP. Ha.  Ok...moving on.

The tanks in the photo are my kids tanks that they have been wearing since last summer.
So yes...that is fuzz you see on the black tank.  Whatever:)
My point is that I have a bunch of patches still because I never got around to putting them on tanks.
So now...you get to pick a patch...and a tank...and I will add some bling to make it sparkle.
Sound good?

These would actually be really cute on thermals as well...maybe in the fall I will do them again if you guys like them.

If you want one...get it here

And one more thing for the day...I just marked down some of the mom sweatshirts.
It is 98 degrees here today and honestly...I cannot look at a piece of fleece anymore:)
So hurry because sizes are limited.

Mom sweatshirts you can get here.
If you don't have the mom sweatshirt, you are missing out.
You will not want to take it off...it is that soft. 


Monika said...

How cute!! Love the donut police, but looks like it's already gone...

Anonymous said...

oh noes I missed the donut patch.


Jennifer said...

Bring back the donut patch!!! I am in love! ha!

Elaine said...


paperlili said...

Ok girls...I will get ya some more donut tanks:) Give me a couple days.

Anonymous said...

lol at this thread. You might have to get the thermals ready soon as fast as these tanks ae going. ; )

Thank you so much Cristy! You ROCK.