Alright alright...I wasn't done yet ha

So I am finding fun stuff all over the place.
However it is criminal for me to have it sitting here in drawers with every intention of listing it.
I swear I get so busy with orders that I literally think of nothing else and what happens?
Other stuff gets forgotten.
So what did I do? I listed a couple odds and ends in my etsy shop...because my etsy shop was looking really really sad and pathetic actually.
So if you are interested in any of these items...head over here
I feel really terrible because I had a customer ask me about the vespa tank a couple weeks ago.
I told her I would not be doing it again...I will be doing a rhinestud version...but not the transfer version.
Then I found a couple.  So if you are the customer who was looking...I am soooo sorry...I cannot remember who it was. I probably answer 25 customer questions a day.  Yikes.
I suck. I know.

Some of these have bling...some don't.  The price reflects which ones do and don't.
If you don't see the size you need...sorry...I don't have anymore.  This is it:(

Now one more thing for today (maybe lol)  I have two fabulous dresses that are both brand new.
I had extremely good intensions for both of them (**cough cough lyra cough cough**) and well..we
missed that boat.  So.  Trust me when I say these are both photo worthy.
The pinky/red dress with polka dots is Room Seven size 6.
The tuxedo dress is a size 6x by an extremely talented etsy-er 
I bought it to be our birthday dress and well...I nixed the big partay...remember lol.
Here is the dress in its listing
If you are interested in either of the dresses...email me at
The red polka dot dress was $110 and the tuxedo was $95.  You can have either for $50.
I guarantee we never got to wear them:( So so sad.

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