Call yo' mama

Happy Mommy's day ladies!
How am I spending mine?  Well, after being pampered by the girls, ala leg, foot, arm, back massage...I then had my nails filed and painted,
(what is the minimum length of time you have to keep goopy kid polished nails???)  
Seriously...it is effecting my day...I cannot even type as fast.  They are being weighed down.
And now...I am back at work.
Why? Well because I have 4 million things to make/ship/make/ship AND...
I had a couple new things for you.

First...how about an obnoxiously bright new version of the Preschool rocks tee
(I am single handedly bringing the 80's back...one color at a time)

And of course...a new Kindergarten rocks tee
If this doesn't make your kid stand out...

I finally did the mom tanks

And last but not least...2 versions of the Giggles Glitter tees:)
Actually...neither are a tee at all in fact.
I did a tank...they go up to size 12

And a tank dress...which goes up to size 8
I promise to do tees and thermals in the fall ok...so don't yell at me;)

I think that is all I have for right now.
Oh...wait...I do also have gymnastics rocks...and homeschool rocks:)
Don't have pictures of them yet. I will.

So enough with business...lets see what other pretty pictures I have.

I love the lulu dress.  I was just telling my friend Robin how I loved the retro fabric. 
I love anything that reminds me of my childhood...and for some reason...the green fabric on this dress just takes me right back to being 6.  Not sure why...but it does...and I am happy there:)

Also...Denise...if you are reading...I need you to make matching maxi dresses for mom/little chicks
in some retro jersey for spring 2011.  Ok.  Thanks.  Just add that to your pile of work;)

Speaking of Robin...check out her Parker in the Call My Agent tank
How great is the pink glitter cast....now THAT is an accessory:)
You know...I think the cast is the exact same color as the pink
"girls" in the glitter glam girls tee lol.
So since I gave up my beloved carbs last monday...today is not going to be an exciting eating day for me...so whomever had a starbucks today...I hope it was really really goooood.  Mmmm.
And if someone got some sort of homemade waffles in bed...sigh...lucky you

Why do I do this to myself?  Not sure.  But I think it has to do with the fact that it will be a steady 100 degrees + here soon and well...I need to break out the shorts...and the...gasp...swimsuit soon.


Bridgette said...

sounds like you had a pretty great deal....and ate enough carbs this weekend for the both of us LOL My daughter has the Lulu and we have yet to wear it! and I LOVE the idea of a Mommy MJ maxi dress!
BTW...I messaged you on etsy :)

Robin said...

Fun suprise to see Parker here! And Lulu, I did get her today (and Cher, but who is keeping track?)I love all P's new paperlili! Auntie M took some cute shots of her today in her sister disco dress, too! I am digging it hard :) So is she. Now, she fell asleep in it on her way home from dinner and I wanted her to wear it to school tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I really hope you had a glorious mother's day.

Do you do a tank version of the "call my agent''? I didn't see it in your shop.

Did I make it up in my head that you could design your own tank??