Who doesn't love Cher?

It is just my opinion...but the Cher is one of Denise's best pieces so far.
I love it.  And so did my chick.  She wanted to save it for friday for the Mother's Day Tea...
but she has to dress as a cowgirl for a little play...which should be interesting in its own right.

It really is darling.
We have the tween version as well as the mom version.
It just isn't as cute on me (but that is my big bootay's issue...nothing to do with the dress)
I love it though.
I also love the Adult Juniper dress...SOOOOO soft and comfy.
You need it...and you need the Cher.
Just take my word for it.

So today I am going to work on a couple fun odds and ends for the shop.  
Totally different sorta goods...but fun none the less.
If all goes well...I will have something to show you by this evening:)


denise said...

You are hilarious, but I gotta call you out on it..You did say the Raven was your fave. Come'on, you can;t be changing your mind so quickly.

paperlili said...

Uh...it was...until I saw the Cher in person...hellooo. Can't they be like my children and I can love them equally?

emily gorrell said...

We also have it in the tween and little girl also, and we love it, we did aphoto shoot with it last week.

emily gorrell said...

We have it for both girls and we also love it, had a photo shoot with it last week.

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

I asked for the Cher for Leila for my birthday! lol1! I love it!

Anonymous said...

I lurve the adult jumper!
I'm scared to order it since I'm top heavy. :*(


Kirsty said...

I ordered it for Juliette two weeks ago and can't wait for it to get here! Your daughter is just darling in it! I ordered the sprite leggings too...