Help...I am fading

No really I am.  Fading.
Not fading away unfortunately.
Just fading.  Like I could curl up on my couch and take a nap.
What is that like?  I have not napped in ages.
I bet it is nice.  Speaking of napping.  Yesterday I peeked in on my chick reading.
and who was 6 inches to the right of her?
I don't even think it is 6 inches.  More like 1.
She is the dog whisperer.  They love her.
That good...because this little dog is Mr. Needy.
If you want a lap dog...a true true lap dog...get a Havanese.
I have one...my mom has one...they literally stare at you until you pet them...
and then they won't leave you alone.
Barbara Walters claims hers talks to her.
This might sound silly...but ours makes a noise that is sooo bizarre...it is definitely 
some form of communication.

A couple new things I just listed.
First...the tank dress.
There are so many options for this dress that I left it blank in the listing.
If you want it to say Kindergarten rocks...great.
If you want a big number on it...fine with me.
Whatever you want...just let me know when you check out:)

That is actually a really terrible picture of the teal one.
It is much more colorful in person.  The Call My Agent is.

Then I did a pink/purple version of the Birthday Girl.
I think I like the rainbow better...but I am a rainbow sorta gal.
If you are trying to match it to a pink or purple pettiskirt...this is the one for you:)

Wow.  Another terrible photo.  I told you I was fading!
So are my pictures.
I will take them outside tomorrow.  Get the sparkle effect.

I also tried something new and I am not sure how I love it.
Again...I am a rainbow gal...the more color the better.

I did a preschool rocks for Heather last year, she picked the colors and it was fabulous.
I cannot remember what the colors were exactly though. 
Purple. Turquoise. Orange.  Heather help me out here.
It was good.  I need to do it again.
Oh and mom tanks.  Darnit...I forgot to take a picture.
I have black tanks for mom's now.
Any design.


Robin said...

Your fault that I broke the "I will not buy another thing for my daughter until school starts in the fall" rule. Geesh, good one Cristy...it's gonna be so stinking awesome :)
xo Robin

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Our American Eskimo is like that with leila. I'll facebook you the picture of Leila's preschool rocks, if I can find it.

the colors ARE fabulous, and everyone loves it.

{and I'm just assuming I'm the Heather you're talking about here, so ignore me if I'm wrong!}