So far so good

I have quickly realized that a two story house is alot noisier than a bungalow.
As I sit here working in my office I hear the constant sounds of giggles and children running,  jumping...leaping and basically sounding as if they are going to come through the ceiling and land on my lap at any second.  Good lord.  Today a 2 hour playdate is now running over into it's 5th hour...and I am done.  Cooked.  Need silence.  My head is pounding with every last thump on the ceiling above me.

They tried to turn it into a sleep over.

Uh ya...that would be a no.

A week ago or so one of my customers shared this darling photo of her girls.

I love it.  The photographer is a majorly talented one from Salt Lake.
Her kids are darling...and she has awesome taste.  The styling alone is amazing.
Go to her blog...you will be amazed...and you will want those Gracielu head pc's that she photographed just as much as I do.  Man...those are awesome.  
Angie...if ya wanna trade...email me;)

Now in the event that you have recently sent me photos of your beauties as well and I have not posted them...please do not hate me...I had a major email misshap and I cannot find them.  Not good. So send them to me again...please.

Ok...off to the medicine cabinet...advil is calling my name.

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Rachael said...

I love these girls and I love Paperlili!! It Rocks!