Did you miss me?

So I just wrote a long post and it was coming off as a little whiny.  I don't like to read whiny...and I am not a whiny person...so I think just typing it all out helped...and then deleting helped even more:)

Truth be told. I have nothing to whine about so just bare with me...I gotta move this week and this is also the last week of school here...so you read between the lines:)
Oh ya...and I gave up carbs 2 weeks ago. Haven't cheated once.
I have lost my taste for sweet (at the moment) but you know what?  
Life on a diet is boooooriiiing.  Like really boring.
I don't drink Starbucks because I am thirsty.  I drink it because it is fun:)
And the petit vanilla scone is like icing on the cake.  
Oh well. 

Instead of me whining...let me just post some fun summer finds.
 Ok first...these Joes Jeans.
I have them...I love them.  I also have some boyfriend jeans from JCREW and as much as I love those ones...I truly look like a homeless person in them.  They need to only be worn around my house.
But THESE jeans...these are super SUPER cute.

I would love these sandals to go with them
 A cute top

And this hoodie for those chilly summer nights.
Ok.  I have to pretend on the chilly nights since our "chill" gets down to a balmy 92 degrees at midnight in the summer.  But how great is this hoodie

Oh I can dream I guess.  Our temps should hit 100 this week and well who am I kidding.  The only thing you feel like wearing in 100 degrees is a swimsuit.  So if you are looking for a cute one. I got that covered as well.

We got the one piece

The Tankini (yes...this is a tankini)

And for those of you that apparently can wear anything you would like (grrr) we have the
itsy bitsy teeny weeny...blah blah blah

Ok...back to shipping and packing:)


Susanna said...

haha! oh i love your posts...they always make me smile. And geez now i wanna run out and buy that same outfit - in love!!

yeah i'm on a diet too...went to a party yesterday, and it's not like I don't enjoy a good fruit salad...but when everyone else is eating various dips with fantastic crackers.........yeah i was drooling just a little bit :( It's not a party without the amazing food!

Anonymous said...

Wow-I love that shirt and those shoes and only wished I looked that great in that bikini :)
Good luck on your move...i totally feel you-we are moving to Alaska in less than a month and by the looks of things around our house you would never know! Ugh....

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

love all of your finds!
let me know if there's anything I can do or send from ca that might help!