Fun Friday

So I have managed to hang 1/3 of my wall hangings.
Although I have a ton more wall space...my taste seems to have changed in the last 5 years and the rest of my wall junk I think may be heading into the next garage sale.  In fact...I feel the need to purge lots of stuff...so I am going to start a major garage sale corner in my garage and I feel like lots will make it into the pile.
Here are a couple pics from my new house.
I have no idea how you take good house pictures and fit everything in...so...these will in fact give you no idea what my house looks like at all.  Ha. 
Here is where the magic happens...lol...my desk.

See what I mean...you have no clue what it really looks like because I am a sucky photographer.
Here is more of my office.  The wall of inventory.  This fills an entire wall and each basket is FILLED with clothes.

The beauty is that I have a good closet in here as well...so I can hold more inventory now.  Whoo hoo.  Don't have any room for guests...but I have inventory:)

Here is my view from my computer desk.

There is usually a kid hanging off those stairs...in fact, there is one perched there now reading a book.  But without fail...I can usually spot one if not two dogs laying somewhere down this hall.

Those walls should be clean for long huh.
Here is the view from the other angle.

My favorite part, and I am not even kidding, is the lights going up the stairs at night.
I am easily impressed. But I like night time...and I like night lights...so these are right up my alley:)

Look.  Another dog.  

Here is a view of the landing/loft at the top of the stairs.  
The girls have named this their "girl cave" and up until this morning there were 10 blankets hanging over the edge to create a "mood" up there.  Apparently it is a fun place to lay on a pillow and play game boy.

I don't actually know what to do with that space.  I think it needs an arcade game or something fun.

Then we have a couple girlie rooms.
One is still in disarray as we cannot find the pcs to her other bed.  Great.
So all ya get to see is the giant canvas I made of a picture I took a month ago or so.

The other room is a perfect princess palace.  I could sleep in there.

And that's about all I have for now.  The backyard is a mess.
There is still a dog buried somewhere back there.  I tried to take matters into my own hands last night and started to dig.  We couldn't find it. So.  Yikes. I think it is staying and we will just put something over the ground and well...let sleeping dogs lay?  Blah.
My kitchen is also still a mess because my new fridge has not arrived yet:(  But it will be worth it.  I love new fridges.  I like clean and brand new.  Who doesn't right? 
Same with my washer and dryer.  Sometime next week.  You should see the pile of laundry I have planned for that puppy.  

On a different note.  Today is my niece, Kendall's birthday.
How cute is she!

Happy Birthday Kendall!!

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lorca said...

I love all these pics!! I really need to buy a canvas, they are so beautiful. Im jealous of your stairs and am no help on what to put in the loft. I would put a table and plants. I'm boring like that so I hope others post with better ideas and can give me inspiration.

Can we do a contest of name April's baby instead? I really need the help. lol