No worries...I am still alive:)

Wow.  Where did I go?
Not sure. I am here.  I have been on a mission to clear off my desk of orders.
A mission.  I did a pretty decent job of it as well.
Lets see what I have new to show you.
I have a couple of new dresses and tees.  It is too dark out tonight...so I will take pics tomorrow.
I did the "test" on the tank dresses to see what colors would go the fastest...and well...basically they all went.  So.  That did not help me narrow it down to two colors to stock.
Hmmm.  Any input would be appreciated.
I like customer opinions.  So if ya got one...let me know.

In the mean time...check out this fabulous canvas that Leslie sent me a picture of.
Leslie has fabulous taste (no...not because she bought some leggings...well...that helps:)
But because her store is soooo good.  She truly has great taste.

Pretty fabulous huh.
I love canvases.  

I need lots for my new house.

I THINK we are moving on the 17th.  Yikes.
The house is twice as big as the one we currently live in. 
It is very very beige however.  It will require some paint to cheer it up.
I have next to NO inspiration at the moment.
I am just not feeling it.  I need to start with my girls rooms.  
Currently my chicks have pink and blue rooms.
We have had pink and purple before.
I need a change.  But where do you go from pink and blue.
So I am asking for help.  If you have a fabulous color combo that you think I would like.
Please...let me know...and better yet...send me a picture. 
I am not kidding when I say I drawing a blank on this.
This has never happened to me before.
I have "painters" block. Like writers block.  But I am out of color ideas!
So I was just going to make a couple huge canvases for their rooms...and build a room around those.
Is that dumb?
At this point...I have no idea.

Anyways.  I have alot more work to do this evening.  I promise we will get back to regular programming tomorrow.  Or maybe tonight if I find something good to post:)
Hang in there.  I will be back.

I will also have some crazy sale items that will pop up in the next week or so. 
I don't want to move all of my inventory over to my new work space in a couple weeks...so I will post here when I have something cute for you.


Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

YAY for moving - congrats!! Paint colors for the chicks? I'm loving the wall color in G's room - it's like a peachy coral: http://leilasmom.blogspot.com/2010/03/giannas-nursery.html Leila's room is pale pink and pale green, but maybe too young for your girls: http://leilasmom.blogspot.com/2009/04/princesss-room.html

Can't wait to see pics, and congrats again!!

lauri said...

I soooo love all your stuff, and enjoy all the links to blogs that you post! I am addicted to TomKat and wish that I could make everything you gals create! How about some Jedi goodies!? They totally rock! Star Wars gals can look groovy too! Especially in Paperlili!

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post of yours :D-
But...where do you recommend getting canvases? I want to get a few like the one pictured here but would love a recommendation!
Oh, and hope you are ready for your big move!