Hey look...I found my camera

So without complaining too much...last week sucked eggs...big time.
But it is over with.  School is done.  We are in our new house...I am almost back to normal.
Normal?  Ok...normal for me that is...which is working 24/7.
In the event you were waiting for pictures of my house...uh...you are going to have to wait a little longer because it is still a disaster.  There was a time in my life when I would literally stay up until all boxes were unpacked.  I cannot stand to live around boxes...or wonder where something is.
That time has kinda passed.  Not sure if it is because I have SOOOO much stuff now.  Or I am old and stressed and just plain tired.  Not really sure...but I will say that yesterday I started to literally take boxes and shove them in one of the many closets and cupboards in this house.  I figure that I have enough unpacked already that if I just do one box a day now, it will be done by xmas:)  And you know what...I could give a rats #$% if that is how long it takes me.
Did I mention how tired I am?
This house selling/buying thang has majorly stressed me out. 
But the house is now ours and the old one will be a lovely couple from Alaska's house by the end of June.  Wheeeeee.  That is when I think I will officially be a happy gal.

Actually...I turned the corner today and I think I am one step closer to being a happy gal.
I love my house.  It is twice the size of the old one and we needed that space.
I have a nice workroom set up and I am ready to go.

In the mean time, I know have two full time helpers until the beginning of August.
One will be 10 in a month and the other is 7.  Lucky me;)
Actually, I mean that.  I love my chicks so much...they are such good girls and I just like to hang out with them...which reminds me to tell you that July we take off for about 3 weeks.
Too dang hot here...and if I did not take a break, I would very well toss myself all Thelma and Louise style off the Grand Canyon.  So, if you need anything before the end of June...please order now to make sure you get it in time.  The shop is still open while I am gone...and I work the entire time anyways...but I do not ship until I get back.  So basically any orders placed in July will not ship until the first week of August.

Now the fun part.  Paint.  I did not paint a single thing before I moved in and I am not certain that was a bad thing.  
A. I had no time
B. I wasn't feelin' it...so I did not make any harsh decisions
C.  I can always paint one room at a time if the mood moves me

So...here is what I stare at daily in the hopes that something will trigger a feeling.
So far...nothing...just pretty paint colors.

Ya.  I got nothin'...but they sure are pretty to look at.

You know what the worst part of moving was...and I am being completely serious when I say this...it is that all my tivo'ed shows were erased.  Seriously.  I lost the last two episodes of  
I love Tori and Dean...that show is by far my favorite show on tv...actually...it is a tie with
9 by Design. The point is...I lost my episodes!  Grrr.
By the way...is Tori Spelling not the cutest thing?  If I went back in time to the original 90210 show, she would now be my favorite...I feel like I was robbed all those years!  I was a Kelly fan...but no way...Donna Martin rocks man.  If you don't watch Tori and Dean, you need to...it's a great show.  She is naturally funny and their kids are darling.  Love it.
Oh...I also missed the Grey's finale.  So I had to watch it on my computer last night. 
I watched it in the dark...by myself.  I think it would have been alot scarier if I had watched it with the other millions of peeps on Thursday night...it lost a little something on the computer. 
Bailey however...she needs an Emmy for that show.  She was awesome.

So this week I need to figure out our "schedule".  Yes.  I know...it is summer vacation, but in order for me to get my regular work done and not feel like the guilty mom...it takes alot more work obviously.
Older kids work best on schedules just like little ones...at least in my house they do.
Plus...I like to keep their brains moving.
Today...a little trip to Barne's n Noble and we are reading for some work.

I should clarify that I am so not the pushy mean mom. It is not like I make them do homework all day long.  I just like to do a couple pages each day to keep the juices flowing.
Then we need to read.  
Do you remember this one?

I wonder if she will have questions for me afterwards.  Maybe I should reread it myself to remind myself what was in it.  I do recall I learnt alot from this one.

Ok...that's about all for now.  I think.  I will have house photos soon enough.  I hope. Gotta find a hammer to help cover up these walls!
Oh, one more thing...I bought this on etsy.  
I love it.  Not sure where it will go yet but I do love it.


Anonymous said...

I like to wait to paint. You know, nurture the room. Needless to say, it's been 11 years in my house and not every room is where I want it to be. But it's good to have stuff to look forward to doing. Who wants to just be in maintenance mode! (Oh yeah, my husband would!)

mika beth said...

i love the new sign! it's 9bydesign inspired!!

Robin said...

I really dig the Leonard sign! It is very Six Design inspired :) I can't wait to see the photo journalistic view of the new digs...living vicariously thru you at the moment!
xo Robin

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you. Seems like things are going smoothly. : )

I now want to re-paint my living room in that vibrant blue paint in your pic!! Did you check out 'mermaid tail' by any chance?


Paperwhite Designs said...

So glad you are getting settled!!!! I have been rolling all over everyones goodies, falling in love!!!! You are amazing!!!!! <3 Kim

Simply Lanny said...

LOVE the sign. I'll have to try catch Tori and Dean sometime. Love a good reality tv show. 9 by Design is one of my new favorites. :) Just stumbled on your blog. Off to check out your adorable shirt designs. So fun!! :)