The money pit

Ok.  So not quite the money pit...yet.  The day has only started though.
Yesterday I had the electrician who was attempting to hang a couple chandeliers.
Good lord.  That took 4 hours and alot of dollars and I still have one more to hang.
Last week when we moved in there was no electricity to one of the rooms...cha ching.
Then the laundry room had electricity issues.
Oh ya...then the garage door, because the previous owner was having issues with the garage door...so he thought the solution was to disconnect the cable.  Uh ya...not the best decision.
So garage door dude fixed it...then an hour later the OTHER garage door refused to go down.
Cha ching.
Hmmm...what else...oh yes...the pool...it needs to be drained, acid washed, regrouted and tile cleaned...
major cha ching.
Wheeeeeee.  Summer time is fun!!!

Whatevs.  Such is life.

Nothing has broken today...yet...
did I mention the dalmation that is buried in the back yard???

Ok...onto better things.
Like this fabulous photo from Heather.
Heather is just one of those people that you wish you lived by so you could hang out with her.
How great are these pictures!  And how beautiful are her girls?
And how genius is her Madison to wear the skirt as a shirt!
I can't believe Ainsley has not figured this one out yet.

Thank you Heather...as usual...I love them so.

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ingamae said...

I love all these pictures and I love paperlili on any child! and i get to live by Heather how blessed am I!?!! haha. Favor and Blessings to your business Paperlili!!!