I know I promised...

Ok.  I will pick a winner for the soaps today.
If you have not posted a comment in the contest...I will give you until noon my time...which is 2 1/2 hours from now.  So go.  Do it.  I am loving the ideas so far...but I need more more MORE!

Also...I will list the Berry, Scooper etc tanks and dresses today:)

In the mean time...check out this link.  
I guarantee four things when you see it...

1. you will smile
2. you will want a cute doll for your kids
3. you will want to go to paris...with your cute doll and your kids
4. you will wish you had this idea yourself...it's not too late:)

Happy Sunday


Anonymous said...

You better start making blinged out doll clothes!
I have to get that doll for Nadia.

You should make pretty swarovski dog collars. Just in case no-one mentioned this down below.


Shawn said...

That video is brilliant! Thanks for sharing the link. :)

KimD in SC:) said...

You ALWAYS find the best sites:) I will be young and hip like you one day hopefully sooner than later:)