Yes! The Holidays are coming the Holidays are coming.

Ok...so it is only August 18th...but truthfully...they are right around the corner.
So.  Time to start thinking pictures!

See them all here.
I am going to start offering all my designs with or without names.
So peeps don't want to put their kids names across their shirt.
Older kids might not think it is cool.
So.  Now, you can get any design without the name.
The site might look a little funny until I get photos of the designs by themselves...so if you don't see that particular option on there...let me know.

I did a candy corn as well...but truthfully...it is not half as cute as these three.
If you want a candy corn...email me...I can do it...but is it cuter than a spider with a heart on her back?  You be the judge;)

Thanks Giving.  It is coming.  It was done...and honestly...there is soooo much bling on it...it would not fit on a tee smaller than a size 6.  So hang in there.

Now we have Hannukah:)
A very colorful one at that.
And of course...Christmas:)
The snowman face...is my favorite.  I love him.
And for the older chicks...or the young ones..
Fa la la la la la la la la
You pick the color for your last "la".

I have a couple other cute new regular tees.
I have not posted the gumball machine yet as I hate this photo...and I already sent the 
tank off to it's new owner. 
She will have good pictures though:)  
I have wanted to do a gumball machine forever. I had done one in the transfer version and I have been meaning to do the all blinged one.  I never got around to doing it.
That was until a special request from a great photographer for her daughter...and voila.
So stay tuned.

This last one though...it is up on the site.
It is by far my favorite shirt I have ever done.
Why? I have no idea.  Because it is big and pink and sparkley.
What do you think?

If I am missing any designs that you had wished I would do...please let me know.
Sometimes the obvious designs totally slip outta my head.
And like the gumball machine...I don't get around to doing it until it is requested.


Tina said...

Very cute!!! would love shirts that say "Dance rocks" for my girls AND me. lol I see "cheer rocks"...but we don't cheer...we dance. ;0)

Anonymous said...

Love!! Can't wait for my tee to arrive.

I'm a bit obsessed with witch's in my house for Halloween. It really is my favourite holiday.

That gumball machine is AWESOME and I want to see pics. And I hope someone sends you pics of the dreidel tee.! loved that one too.


Anonymous said...

I am sooo excited! Let me tell you why :) We just moved from Mississippi, where it doesnt snow, so it always seemed weird to be walking around in things with snowmen and sayings like "let it snow" etc. Although it bothered me tremendously cuz I am a tad bit obsessed with snowmen :) But NOW we live in Alaska and this will be our first winter here and it is TOTALLY appropriate to have that totally awesome BLING snowman tee!!! How super great, I *love* it :) Cant wait!