Happy birthday to blah blah blah...whatever lol

So today was my birthday.
It was sooo exciting.  We switched from Cox to Direct tv.  Today. 
It took forever.
It's ok.  I have work work and more work to do.
I am ok with it.  I don't like hoopla about me.  At all.
But...I did wake up to this.
My hubby had decorated everything for me.
It was very nice.
Due to my lack of carbs...for the rest of my life...I did not want a box of
Sprinkles or Cupcakes in my house.  
But I also though it would be fun to make my "cake" with the girls.
My friend Kristine had given me a Tie Dye cupcake kit from Jo Cupcake.
It was right up my alley...and really a genius idea.

It was super fun and super easy.
The girls loved it.

They turned out great.  And yes.  I even had one.
No. They are not even almost as good as a Sprinkles Vanilla cupcake...mmm.
But that was my goal.  The kids liked them and it was more fun making them than buying them.
Plus...I only ate one to satisfy my children's birthday wishes for me...and then I didn't want 3 more:)

Ainsley wanted me to take a picture of the one she made.

Of course...I would not trust her since this is what was 2 feet behind me after I 
finished cleaning up the kitchen.

Omg...she is nuts.  Seriously nuts.  The problem with this child is that noone else knows how nuts she is.  She is beyond hilarious at home.  But to other people...she is more serious.  Something.
They are missing out.

She reminds me of the dude on the Six Flags commercials.
The bald crazy dancer guy.
Anyways.  It was a nice day.  The kids were in the pool at 8 am.
It was raining.  It was lovely out...they jumped in.
Then I worked all afternoon and night.
It's ok.  I like work.  I have the best of both worlds...I'm HANNAH MONTANA!!!

I can't find the Jo cupcake tie dye mix...but I did find these two mixes on Amazon.
We might have to try them next. I think the monster ones look pretty cute.


Anonymous said...

awww Happy Birthday!! Sounds like a lovely day. :)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Trust me, you're young!

Anonymous said...

Happy Late Birthday! I love your cupcakes :)

Melissa said...

Wishing you a Happy Birthday Momma!!!

Tiffany L. said...

Hope you had a great day Cristy! Cheers to another year!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Happy belated birthday, Cristy!! I hope you got some good loot ;)