Things I am loving today

Since I don't have my new stuff done for you yet...I will just post pictures of things I love this week:)

I love the fact that the Rachel Zoe Project is back...along with Flippin' Out.
I guess I just love Bravo.

Honestly...who wouldn't want to look this fabulous.
In my mind I look this fabulous while I am working. 
I dislike mirrors as much as I dislike photos of myself.
So I like to avoid them and pretend this is what I look like.

Ok.  Other things that I like.
I am not totally sure of the connection to JCrew.
But I believe Madewell is JCrews sister store.
All I know is that I adore JCrew (who doesn't) but honestly...my life..
I am more Madewell.

I cannot believe that I can even look at this jacket since it is blazin' hot outside.
But I can.  I love it. 

Kid wise...kids are hard to dress.
Or at least mine are.
And hair.  Oh lord...don't get me started on hair.
If Ainsley makes it to Monday without a major haircut...I will be impressed with my restraint.
Again with the Fall clothes that we can't wear until November.  So cute though.
Forever 21 kids.  Love it.
I would wear this.  Is that bad? 
Do I need to grow up?  Ya ok...nevermind.

Also, check out these headbands my sister got for the girls at the
Ivivva store (lululemon kids) in Calgary.
They are beautiful.
Not so certain they pass the CPSIA rules as I believe they are all swarovskis and the sparkle factor is through the roof.  But they are Canadian and so I am not sure the lady who makes them is aware of the laws down here.  Never the less...I don't think my kids will be munching on them anytime soon and since I plan on wearing them as well...

Speaking of headbands...I did one for a Sorority chicki...cute huh.
There is nothing I cannot do on a headband or tee.  All ya gotta do is ask.

And finally...I love the Science project we just did in class this morning.
Not exactly sure what you would call it...it was basically an eco bottle.
No air gets in or out.  Nothing.
The carbon on the bottom of the bottle cleans the water.
The plant feeds the fish.
The water goes up the string and waters the dirt.
The worms _ _ _ _ ,fertilizes the other plant that creates oxygen for the fish.
One big happy eco family.
Pretty cool for a 2nd grade Science project.
The kids loved it.

Photo via blackberry because I totally forgot my camera.  Nice.
Here's hoping the fish and worms last longer than the two hamsters I brought in last week.
Let's just say that had I kept the Petland receipt, I would be using my 15 day money back guarantee.
Perhaps the lady at the store was incorrect when she said that hamsters like to be together.
That they like companionship.
That little snowball should be renamed Chuckie...as in the Horror movie.

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Anonymous said...

Can I just say that I love reading your blog! It makes me laugh. I love the random things that you pick out and the things that you share about yourself and your kiddos! Loving that eco-system thingie. I need to remember that come science fair time! Have a great weekend! Can wait to see the new stuff soon!