Couple new holiday options today:)

So thanksgiving tees are hard for me.
I really draw a blank when it comes to this holiday...sooo....this is all I came up with.
The pilgrim tee is a  Paperlili.com exclusive.
Why? Because if the stores sold it...I would have to charge a crazy amount  as there are 4 million stones on there.  Ok...maybe not 4 million...but alot of stones.
Available in Mom versions as well.

Then...how about a fabulous candy cane inspired tee for those Holiday pictures.

Or...we have the Halloween version...for those Fall chicks.

And if neither of those two options work for you...then you pick your own color combos.

Click HERE if you wanna shop:)

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Anonymous said...

Ok, I absolutely, freaking love the saying on the Thanksgiving shirt. Best ever!!