This could very well excite me more than Knuffle Bunny Free...maybe

Available on Tuesday:)
Which leads me to ask you...have your kids seen Grease?
Mine have not.  We watched about 20 minutes of it in the hotel room while driving back from Calgary...but if you recall...I had a kid with a 104 degree temp sleeping in a bed that apparently had not had a visit from housekeeping yet.  EW ew ew ew.

So...that was as close to Grease as we have gotten yet.
I saw it when I was about 5.  I turned out ok.  I think.  
Am I too much of a prude?

Never the less...this will be in our Wii Library hopefully by Tuesday afternoon:)

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Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

My girls are still pretty little, and haven't ever seen Grease, unless it was on it the background while I was nursing, lol! BUT, I saw it when I was probably five, know it forwards and backwards and love it - one of my all time faves. I think I turned out ok too. I'm sure your girlies would be fine to watch it now :)