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My Team Rocks!

So the school tees have been a hit.
I love that.  Not sure why it took me so long to figure that one out.
Let's just chalk it up to bling brain...as in...I was blinded by the bling:)
Never the less.  They are available now...so keep those schools coming.
And to all those mom's that like to keep their little chicks shirts a secret from the other mom's at school...no worries...I totally understand;)

So today we have...bling your team!
Oh yaaaaaah.  Bring it.  Everyone has a team.  So wear it.
Yes...I will have ladies tees up soon for both the School and the team tees.
If you need one now...just email me and I will set you up.
If you need a kids one now...click here.

Tiffany...if you are reading this...what do ya think?
I think your mini cheerleaders will make those Viking Cheerleaders proud:)
Make sure you send me a picture to post.

Ok...what else this week.
Hmm.  Well...a couple days ago my roots were SO bad.
Like this bad.

Actually...they were worse. Since this photo was from the beginning of June and I got my hair done the next week...so that would put me at about 9 weeks of regrowth and my hair is growing like wild fire...sooooo...you know where this is going. I took matters into my own hands.
All I can say is that my hair is basically Megan Fox color now.  Oops.
Ya.  I do that.  It really is my natural color...but I just don't suit dark. 
However...it is what it is and I am now dark again. 
I really have no time to ever get it done...who does? 
I also don't suit brassy either and that seems to be the shade my hair wants to go these days.

This photo was from a million that Lyra took in June.
Here are a couple more from that fabulous shoot.
The shoot was at the Garage.  A fabulous kids store in Scottsdale.
Katie the owner has the uncanny ability to find every single fabulous thing that a girl must have.
From candy to clothes to bling.  She carries Dior and Galliano and Paper lili...wheeee.
Gotta love that.
Seriously...how cute are my kids. Ha.
Check out this dress...it is made entirely out of candy from the store.
Katie made it.  I believe it has been to a couple proms.
How cute is that!
You see what happens when Lyra is involved?  You end up with literally 300 photos that you cannot pick a favorite from. No kidding.  I have a disk with probably 300 photos.
I now have 300 new favorite photos.

Oh I could do this all night.  I tell you...I love them all.
Ok. I will stop.  Wait! I have two more.
Ok.  That is it.
Lyra.  We love you. 


Anonymous said...

Your kids are freaking beautiful!!! That photography is amazing, and seriously those are awesome :) I would totally post all night too :) Love them! Love the last one with you all 3 of ya'll also, totally cute! I am loving all your new ideas-I cant wait to be able to get some, your creative juices are really flowing! :)

Tiffany L. said...

Cristy, we love you! Once again - so amazed!! I think I might attack my mail person, lol. Will be sure to send you pics. Thanks again!

Melissa & Spencer said...

Wowza! Those are some pictures!! Goodness so gorgeous!! I am totally stealing Peyton's jean short with legging look, not for myself for my Spencer!

Heather D. Lay said...

You and the girls are absolutely beautiful!! Love them, all of them!!

Anonymous said...

I love everything you posted!!
I told my husband i've been wanting to fly our to AZ just to shop at the Garage!


Julie @ CalleLillyCafe said...

We live in Chandler & I'm taking my 3 girls to that place! You & your little ones are gorgeous! Love the photos! =)

Heather Armstrong said...

absolutely the CUTEST ever!!! OMG! TDF pics!

sul1221 said...

OMG i just found your blog,and i cant stop reading it!! you crack me up, your girls are GORGEOUS, your ideas are fabulous, and your products are amazing!! is that leopard fedora from Garage?! i absolutely must have it!