loooong day

I swear every monday I think the same thing...this day kicked my butt.
I have alot going on on Monday's and Tuesdays....and now fridays and Saturdays.
The girls are both playing volleyball and so I have four different practice days plus their games on Sat mornings starting this week.  Then we have music lessons for both of them mixed in there.
I honestly don't have a clue how people with 3+ kids do it.
And there are alot of people with 3 or more kids. 
You are my heros.  I could not do it.
Not kidding.

So today was monday and monday's kick my butt.
Today was an extra difficult one...just dealing with some other tough peeps.
Never the less...I am working with someone who makes extremely cute stuff and I will soon have them for sale on my site:)  I think they will compliment my goods nicely and well...you will love them.
I know you will. I have never sold other people goodies on my site...but I would like to start.  Just with some fun stuff that works with my items.
SO...stay tuned...should happen soon.

Ok...back to my crummy day. Well...how crummy could it be when I started it with this fabulous Courtney Courtney dress.  Ooooo yaaaa.  
She rocks.
I have to admit...our Courtney Courtney dress collection is pretty darn impressive...I think they could go into the CC Hall of Fame.

THEN...I what did I just see??? But this little diddy she whipped up today.
Notice anything on there?  Oooo ya...the made a sleeve out of one of my tank tops.
How cute is that?  
She is so good.  She has her knockoffs and seriously...they don't even almost hold a candle to her.
They can try all they want...they would never make a sleeve out of a tank top.
Speaking of cute...look at the designer extrodinaire.
Hmmm...wonder where she got that top?  
So if that was not enough to brighten my mood...how about this one...
Seriously Denise?  How cute are your kids?
I need to make the Rocket Scientist tee in adults for David.
Wonder what Denise is in the family...oooo too many options really.

I decided it was time I made my girls a couple tees tonight...yes...I took a break from the regular...only because I am waiting for my shipment from AA...BUT...I needed a break tonight. 
They aren't done yet...but lets just say I was inspired by some Halloween cereal I saw at Target.
Any guesses:)

Um. I am so tired, I guarantee there are a million typos in this post (yes I know...there usually are) but I don't have the oomph to reread it...sorry.


Khris said...

Hope they are Countess Chocula tops! I thought of asking you to make one special order. We, too, love Halloween. :)

kimD said...

Sounds like you need a helper:) I'm just sayin...

Anonymous said...

Exciting!! Is it billiebeans (sp)??? I'm not good at waiting.ha! Can't wait to see the new stuff.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh is it the Halloween Captain Crunch cereal? It turns your milk green :D Hope your week gets better! It already snowed where it live....YIKES!

Carrie Smith said...

Oooh! Boo Berry, Count Chocula, Franken Berry! YUM! All would be delicious designs for Halloween! :o)